Noel Daley – Dedicated to Results for 30 Years

Noel Daley's success in law has been clearly defined by his upbringing. Inspired by his mother, who put his brothers and him through law school, he has been committed to serving the law and his clients with integrity. He lives up to his promise of giving his full service to every case that comes to his door. Noel works passionately and relentlessly 7 days a week.

Noel Took Important Cases Since the Beginning in 1982
Noel Daley founded his practice in 1982, and indeed his first case was in October 1982 as Assistant Legal Counsel for one of the largent marine disasters on record for that decade. He now uses his North Amercian network of legal and investgation experts in the pursuit of justice for those individuals that are victims of personal injury and malpractise.

Noel Daley draws upon broad experience to direct the course of each legal matter in a way that best protects the rights of the client. Whatever issue you face, Mr Daley will provide you with advice and counsel that will allow you to make sound legal decisions. Whether your legal problem involves a personal injury claim or a malpractise matter he has the knowledge and resources to develop a solution that meets your needs and represents your interests. His methodology takes individual needs and goals into account.

These hallmarks, combined with a warm and respectful approach immediately will puts his clients at ease.

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