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Drunk Driving or Tax Charges, You Need a Criminal Law Expert

When faced with criminal charges, no matter how minor, you want the advantage of competent legal advice and representation. Depend upon Noel Daley’s 30 years of courtroom experience and knowledge of criminal law. Noel is always ready to advise you on the Criminal Code of Offences and give you well-prepared representation for the charges you face, including:

• Drug Charges
• Tax Charges
• Drunk Driving
• Highway Traffic Act
• Provincial and State Regulatory Offences

Help in Understanding the Legal Process and Procedures
Noel Daley takes the time to help explain every aspect of your case and he develops an effective strategy in your defense. Plus, with tested trial experience, Noel knows the court room well and is comfortable in court appearances and presentation of testimony. Contact Noelimmediately, 24/7, when you need legal support for every step of the process, including:

• Appearance Notices and Summons
• First Appearances and Pleas
• Defense Counsel
• Appeals